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Every woman’s dream is long and strong nails, which will look beautiful every day. The hybrid varnishes available on the market give us a chance to enjoy a carefully crafted manicure for about three weeks. However, there are situations in which long nails are not the most comfortable or because of the occupation we are forced to wear a short manicure. What styling and colors will suit the short tile? 


What is the best color for short nails? 

A well-chosen varnish color can positively affect the appearance of nails and the whole hand. Most manicurists recommend the use of light and pastel shades, because they provide a much more fluid effect (the transition between the matrix does not distinguish from the color of the skin). Pastel colors are less noticeable than dark and intense colors, therefore optically lengthen the nail plate. To get a better result, use a lighter color than your skin. 


How to make short nails look longer? 

The whole secret of a beautiful manicure lies not only in fashionable color. To make our nails look longer, they must have the right shape. The best are the shapes that are designed to slim the tile. These include, of course, almond, fashionable this season. Getting almond-shaped nails is quite easy. All you have to do is mark the center of the nail and then saw its side edges at an angle of 45 degrees. At the end you need to file a light spitz and it’s ready. For people with very short nails, a good solution may be the oval shape, which can be obtained by sawing the plate according to the shape of the fingertips. 

Is french good for short nails?

Although the French manicure seems to be the one that optically shortens the length of the nail, it can be a good choice if done correctly. The delicate white line adds lightness to the entire styling, and what’s more, it is a very good solution for people who cannot have eye-catching colors and patterns in their work. Subtle French will work even on a short plate, and delicate shiny varnish will make the whole look nice and neat. 


What designs are suitable for short nails? 

If we care about optically lengthening the nail plate, it is worth following a few tips that will lead us to this. Painting with hybrid varnishes gives a lot of possibilities that are worth using. When choosing a uniform color, be sure to keep the millimeter space on the sides. This treatment allows you to optically slim your nails and also protect against hybrid splinters, which if applied too close to the edge can peel off the surface of the plate. What’s more, short nails require us to give up some designs. Small dots, vertical stripes or geometric patterns will work best. Small dots, preferably teardrop shaped, which start from the edge of the epidermis and point inward to optimally extend the nail. Vertical stripes can be glued over the entire length without hindrance. 


What decorations should be used? 

In addition to dots and vertical stripes, geometric designs are also an interesting proposition, from which you can make nice stylizations every day. We will get an interesting effect by painting half of the nail in light color and the other in dark. This combination is a hit of recent months, and the simple execution makes many women love them. An equally interesting proposition may be making floral motifs that will make the nail look longer. The same applies to the ombre effect, which is the best example that a nail can be lengthened without using a form and gel. For the more advanced we have an interesting proposition, which are leopard patterns. This theme was popular a few years ago and is now coming back to favor. The combination of beige, brown and black is a way for an elegant manicure that will pay attention. We can get a bold connection 

Czego lepiej unikać mając krótką płytkę paznokcia?

Jeśli jesteś posiadaczką krótkich paznokci, staraj się unikać koloru białego, który optycznie skraca długość płytki paznokcia. Co więcej, biały kolor jest dość trudny w aplikacji i najczęściej wymaga położenia trzech warstw. Oznacza to, że na krótki paznokieć nałożymy pięć warstw: baza, trzy warstwy koloru oraz top. Taka ilość produktu sprawi, że nasza stylizacja będzie wyglądała sztucznie i nieestetycznie. Nawet posiadając profesjonalny zestaw do hybryd,with good quality varnish we are not able to avoid this effect. If we decide to do something bright, the so-called base colors will work much better. nude, which are recommended for a short manicure. Holders of a short nail plate should also avoid cutting into square shapes, this styling will look unfavorable because it will shorten the plate optically.



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